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A Gluten Free delight at Calabria…

A delightful night had at Calabria in Chesterfield…ok, so its my favourite restaurant and I am biased?! …But, tonight I ate as a gluten free diner, and  what a treat it was.

On booking we were asked about specific dietary requirements and i asked about gluten free (gf). We were told that there were gf options on the menu and when we looked over the menu we were surprised by how many items on the menu were gf. All the gf options sounded delicious and it was hard to choose. It was evident that this restaurant really tried to ensure that any of the meals where possible didn’t include unnecessary ingredients, that because the food is whole and clean it is easy to accommodate people with food sensitivities.

Knowing that I was eating gf,the attentive chef brought over a taster dish for all the group, and mine was just slightly tweaked so that it avoided gluten. It was chicken liver parfait with sunblush tomatoes, divine.

Us ladies decided we would just have olives and bread to start (savevroom for the prosecco!) I assumed i would just enjoy the olives and not bother with the bread, but to my surprise a seperate plate of gf bread was brought to me and it was the nicest bread ive had in ages, light and airy just like ciabatta. Impressed!

The rest of the evening was a delight, I had a sea bass and saffron potato dish which was gf and then a beatiful Americano coffee with cream. There were 3 desserts on the menu that were gf too, but I’m watching the sugars so i declined.

For me, someone who is eating carefully to allow for a sugar free, gluten free diet it was a dream to dine at Calabria. The food was immense, the service was outstanding, the ambience fantastic, and the prosecco was superb.

All in all, for a fussy foodie, who is particular about everything, it was pefect and I would highly recommend.

A few pics…


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