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5 ways with Pesto…

Every week i make up a batch of pesto, i just adore the stuff. As an utter addict, i would add it to anything and everything! But here are a few ways to sneak it in through the week, thus making it cost effective too 👼

  1. Salmon and cherry toms baked in the oven with pesto spooned over….yum!
  2. Spread over a rice cake, add toasted pine nuts and a few cherry toms for brekkie or lunch.
  3. Mix through some cooked rice or quinoa with roasted Mediterranean vegetables.
  4. Saute some courgetti with garlic, add pesto, creme fraiche and a little parmesan to serve…heaven!
  5. Stuff your chicken thighs with pesto and some mozzarella, wrap in parma ham an bake…again good with the cherry toms and a salad.

Enjoy now…i have the salmon and pesto baking, the scent is wonderful 

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