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Overnight bircher for a super yummy brekkie…

taken from Madeleine Shaw’s new book ‘Get the Glow’ and slightly adapted…


The night before

Soak about 30g of oats in s jar with some coconut milk. Toast flaked almonds, dessicated coconut and a little coconut oil in a dry pan. Add some cinnamon and set aside for the morning.

In the morning

Stir a tsp of honey through the oats, top with a tbsp of natural yogurt (i use onken set yogurt as is lowest sugar) then grate some apple on top, sprinkle over the cinnamon nuts and serve, or put s lid on and take to work.

Its so unbelievably good. My fella loved it too. Already got tomorrows soaking.

Before this i had a super healthy green juice made from a green apple, 2 sticks celery, handful spinach, lump of cucumber and a little lemon. So refreshing and detoxifying ☺️


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