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Gluten free socca pizza…

after a long bike ride i was starving and craving something savoury and delicious but super healthy.

This gluten free pizza base is similar to a pancake but crispy. Top with anything you fancy…

For the socca pizza base…

125g gramflour/ chickpea flour

Finely chopped fresh herbs

Salt & pepper

400ml water

Tomato sauce…

Whizz onions, garlic and fresh red chilli in the processor till finely chopped. Saute in olive oil till softened. Whizz a bunch of cherry tomatoes up and add to the pan with a little tomato paste and s&p. Cook for 10m and set aside.


Prosciutto ham 


Roasted peppers


Anything you fancy! 

To make…

Blend the flour, water, herbs and s&p in a blender and set aside for half an hour.

Make your sauce/ chop your toppings.

Heat a large non stick pan on a medium/high heat. Pour in enough batter to fill the pan, it should be thin. When its ready, use a large pallette knife to lift and flip. When Cooked (2mins each side roughly) leave to cool on a wire rack. Then spon sauce on, addtoppings and bake for ten minutes in the oven at 200 degrees.      


Enjoy 😊🍕

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