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This little piggy went to market…

Not even to a glamourous farmers market, just nipped into Ches Vegas and was pleasantly surprised by the fab vege’s and fruits on all the stalls.

  Broad beans on the hob, ready to be podded and tossed into a salad with crispy bacon, garlic and puy lentils…

Then a whole big bunch of asparagus for £1.50!!!! Really fresh, i just get a hot cast iron pan going and throw in a few spears, let it colour and add a dash if water. Thee perfect crunchy asparagus!

   Then… For just another £1.00 i got four gorgeous peppers! Plan to roast with tomatoes, garlic and onions and use half in a salad and whizz the other half up with some stock to make a sweet pepper soup.


So for tonights dinner i was craving gorgeous oily salmon and home made pesto, here it is with the said asparagus and a few broad beans…. Delish

Then it was time for the paper and a chilled prosecco…


Pretty fab Saturday which started with a 35k bike ride, the ultimate way to start the day ☺️❤️

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