IMG_7141-0I started this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts, ideas and recipes with like minded people. After following a range of blogs I realised how passionate I was about cooking and developing recipes using ingredients that are healthy and that suit certain diets. I needed an outlet and so this blog was born!

I have also been on a weight loss journey over the last year and I felt it a good place to share some of my tips and maybe even help others who like me, have been stuck in a yo yo dieters world for the past decade, believing low fat/high sugar diets were working….oh how we have been misled!

I began reading a lot around the subject of sugar and gluten and it steered me to this place where my new mantra is ‘Nourish Thyself’. It seems so obvious but actually its not what I have been doing in the past. I had been trapped into every diet going, with some success and then the inevitable weight re-gain! Thinking about for as either good or bad, treats and rewards for eating a certain way the rest of the week. Now, i rarely think of what can I have but what do I want? I generally eat less and eat well, really satisfying my body and mind, I am rarely hungry and I never get the craving for food now, gone are the guilt feelings attached to food. Its actually very liberating.

Now I only put something in my mouth if I feel it is going to do me some good, has it a mineral content, will it give me vital nutrients etc etc. But…..I am also a massive foodie, so the combination of these two factors has left me very creative at inventing and reinventing meals that are delicious, tasty and nourishing.

Alas…..I am not perfect! I might have the odd m&m peanut if there is a bag open, and I will always enjoy a glass or two (or 5!) of prosecco at the weekend and a glass of wine usually ensues with a meal in the evening. Oh….I also like real ale too! See, I try to be as healthy as I can be but of course there are some things you perhaps can’t live without and you shouldn’t deny yourself these things, life is for living. If you nourish your body the rest of the time with a few green juices, healthy foods and keep gluten to a minimum I feel sure you will enjoy a new lease on life.

Hope to hear from you all soon


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