I hope this is a place where you will find inspiration and share your journey with others and myself. As a passionate cook who enjoys creating new sugar free recipes, I decided to share with likeminded peeps!

I gave up sugar after reading a whole host of information on the subject and decided that as a young healthy person I might take action now to create a healthier body and mind. So many people give up sugar when they become ill or to try and heal their body and the research suggests this is helping. I thought to myself one day, why not get rid of sugar whilst I’m well and healthy and see if I can feel even better.

What I am finding is this…

  • control over appetite
  • weight loss
  • flatter tummy
  • no horrible cravings
  • level and happy mood (no mood swings!)
  • higher energy levels

If your starting your journey here then I hope this inspires you to give it a go. If you are already on your way I hope you can identify with these feelings too. I have always had issues with guilt around food, constantly been on a diet all my life (I think I’ve tried them all at some point!). When I gave up sugar I gave up the horrible relationship with food that I had had all my life. Seeing foods as good or bad, earning treats and rewards in food! Pigging out on chocolate on a ‘weigh day’ All unhealthy habits are now gone! Now I simply eat delish foods that I enjoy and that give me nourishment, and I eat these freely, when I’m hungry.

Don’t think for a minute I don’t get the occasional crave for a cake when its staring me in the face at the deli, because I do. But when I do, the feeling is mild and usually passes pretty swiftly. I enjoy a pot of olives in basil and garlic dressing instead.

I look forward to creating a community of like minded people and sharing my way of eating with you in the hope I can help bring about positive changes in your life.


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